How to stay safe on free dating apps

Nowadays, most people have turn to dating apps because dating apps are an easy and convenient way to meet people. However, there are also many scary stories that people have experienced from dating apps. Luckily, you can follow these tips to stay safe while you use free dating apps!

Do Not Link Social Media Accounts

Occasionally, some online dating apps will allow you to link your social media accounts. Normally, this is to show South Jersey escorts, other singles, etc., that you are a real person. However, this can be very dangerous.

Usually, people can stalk your social media account to learn about where you work, what school you go to, where you live, and more. They may even find your full name and try to find out very personal information. As such, you should never link your social media account to your online dating profile.

Do Not Send Or Receive Money

One of the biggest red flags that you can get while using an online dating app is seeing the topic of money being brought up. Unless you are talking to someone that you know is an escort, the topic of money should not be there.

Moreover, you should immediately stop talking to the person once they start trying to ask you to send money to them. They will likely stop talking to use or use you for money if you send them money.

Additionally, you should not try to accept any money from people through online dating apps. When you do so, you will likely be giving them personal information like your name and bank account details. Therefore, you may not receive any money at all and your personal information will be exposed.

Be Wary Of What Photos You Use

Occasionally, you may not be aware that the photos that you use reveal a lot about you, in a bad way. For instance, if you have photos in the same place that are seen in your profile, other people may figure out where you regularly go. This can be bad because you may wind up meeting a stalker.

Another example is to make sure you do not have anything that identifies you on your photo. For instance, do not wear your school uniform or work ID in any of the photos that you use. Another example is making sure that no street names, restaurants, etc. can be seen in the background of your photo.

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Use a Nickname Or Only Your First Name

Normally, most dating apps will try to make sure that you do not reveal your last name. However, it is important that you do not accidentally leak it by accident either. As such, you may resort to using only your first name or even using a nickname to keep people from finding you through other platforms.

In Conclusion

Online dating can be very fun, but you need to keep yourself safe while doing so. Thankfully, you can follow any of the tips listed above to stay safe while dating online!